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Back Massage


After years of being a sports coach, I decided to further my knowledge of anatomy and physiology, expanding into the world of sports injuries and massage. I offer a range of treatments, specialising in sports therapy and taping. Many people when they hear of Sports therapy or Sports massage, immediately think of discomfort and don't think of relaxation. Although there is some aspect of discomfort to sports massage, it doesn't have to be. Sports therapist are trained to treat the whole body, meaning that if you just want a relaxing back massage to help with the aches and pains caused by adult life, we can do that :)

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Sports Massage

Sports massage is a form of treatment designed to help and prevent soft tissue injuries. Many different massage techniques are used within a sports massage to help the body achieve maximum performance, decrease pain and further injury, and increase recovery speed.

Other benefits of sports massage include:

- increased range of movement and flexibility

- decreased muscle tension

- relaxation

Sports massage can be used for anyone suffering with pain, whether you are an athlete or not.

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