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I am a Sports Therapist providing services around Oxford, Aylesbury and Buckingham. RMP focuses on Recovering injured soft tissue in the body, using different techniques to help heal and restore it back to healthy tissue. We work on Maintaining this healed tissue and keeping it in a healthy state. Finally we aim to Prevent any re-injury to the tissue or any new injuries to the body.

Back Massage

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What My Patients Say


I have experienced lower back problems for over 23 years following complications in pregnancy, and have had various treatments with physiotherapists and osteopaths which have had limited success. Imogen took time to work out what the issues were, not only in my back but in the surrounding connective tissues, and since a course of treatment with her a year ago, my back remains pain free and much more flexible. I would thoroughly recommend her. 

Carol G

My daughter was struggling with terrible neck pain and Imogen helped to relieve her pain and improve range of motion in one short session. Very thankful to her!


Excellent advice and help given and shown by Imogen

Pauline G

Immy was very thorough and really great at explaining exactly what was happening and why! Fantastic with my daughter who was nervous about the therapy causing her pain again. I thoroughly recommend Immy.

Roz W

Imogen is amazing! She listens and treats accordingly. This is my second visit and I've felt so much better after both 

Sarah W